Improve your operational efficiency with the new TC22/TC27 mobile terminals from Zebra!

In the age of mobile technology, business operations optimization is becoming a growing priority, and both efficiency and precision can become the key to success.

Investing in high-performance and reliable equipment is essential. They can improve operational efficiency and contribute to increased productivity, but most companies in the industrial sector, logistics or even retail, often face unique challenges in terms of cost management, and this is due to labor costs.

The new mobile terminals TC22/TC27 from Zebra were created and developed to simplify and optimize employee activity. Zebra-exclusive Mobility DNA compatibility provides a built-in advantage, maximizing user productivity and minimizing IT complexity throughout the entire lifecycle of the device.

Innovative design and state-of-the-art technology

Zebra TC22 and TC27 mobile terminals are reliable and a high-performance solution for optimizing operations, with applications designed for every industry.

Improve the consumer experience in your store!

With the rise of e-commerce, traditional retailers need to focus on creating memorable in-store experiences. Customers are looking for more than just buying a product, they want to feel valued and have a pleasant experience. The new TC22/TC27 mobile terminals have a number of unique features that you can adapt to your needs, thus offering customers fast and accurate services:

  • Checking prices and searching for items
  • (mPOS)/tap-to-pay
  • Support for Apple/Google mobile wallets without contact
  • Inventory management
  • hybrid POS
  • Assisted selling
  • Taking over and collecting orders

Efficiency, productivity and visibility in your warehouse!

Zebra TC22 and TC27 mobile terminals are also useful in the logistics and distribution industry, where they can improve efficiency and visibility of the operations.

Other features:

  • Scanning 1D and 2D barcodes, labels with multiple barcodes as well as RFID product labels and real-time update of stock and location information
  • Scanning distance up to 60 cm (with SE4710)
  • IntelliFocus™(SE55) technology, fast scanning at distances up to 12.2 m, in any lighting conditions

Increases workforce productivity with a simple solution: ring scanners (ring scanner)

In the manufacturing sector, companies can benefit from efficient inventory management, an accurate monitoring of production processes and more productive communication and collaboration between teams using accessories available for mobile terminals TC22/TC27:

Allows TC22 /TC27 to be mounted on the arm for a “hands free” operation and the mounting allows the terminal to work in combination with the RS5100 / RS6100 (or similar) ring scanner. In addition, it is compatible with the standard or extended capacity battery.

Mobile terminals facilitate communication and collaboration between employees in real time. They can be used to exchange information, coordinate tasks and monitor the progress of production projects. Efficient communication and collaboration between departments and teams contribute to increase of efficiency and quality of the production process.

Zebra TC22 and TC27 are reliable and efficient solutions for optimizing operations.

Whether you need a compact and durable device or a versatile mobile terminal, both models offer advanced functionality and superior performance. Investing in these mobile terminals can bring significant benefits by increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

On you can find the entire range of mobile terminals TC22/TC27 and accessories but also complete information about their use and /or installation.

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