What are the benefits that the implementation of an electronic price tag solution brings?

In a world where technology is developing rapidly, and price changes are a day-to-day task, efficiency and adaptability are becoming essential in any business. Implementing electronic price tags can be the ideal solution for a lot of problems faced by modern retailers. Both traders and their customers enjoy several significant benefits brought by the implementation of a price electronic tag solution, such as:

1. Fast and efficient price update

With the price electronic labels, updates can be made quickly which means that in a few minutes you can update the price for thousands of products.

2. Reduction of human error

Since price updates are made electronically, the likelihood of human errors, such as mislabeling prices, is reduced, and the inconvenience of a scanned wrong price at the cash register is reduced to zero.

3. Time savings

Updating price tags is not only faster, but traders can more effectively save or use the time and resources they would have spent on manually changing price tags. They can allocate time to the employees responsible for changing price tags, for other tasks that cannot be automated such as: refilling shelves with merchandise, customer service in stores, etc.

4. Dynamic prices

Electronic price tags allow traders to adjust their prices in real time according to demand, stock, stock rotation or other factors. This can help to effectively manage inventory and increase profits.

5. Connectivity with other systems

Electronic price tags can be linked to POS (Point of Sale) systems and inventory management systems, ensuring price and inventory consistency throughout the store.

6. Sustainability and paper economy

Electronic price tags have a lifespan of more than 10 years and do not require constant replacement, as is the case with paper tags, this results in a significant reduction of waste generated by the price change process.

7. Improve customer experience

Customers can be sure that the price they see on the electronic tag is the right one. Electronic tags can also display other relevant information, such as product details, reviews, or QR codes that lead to the trader’s e-commerce platform for more information.

8. Marketing and promotion tool

Electronic price tags can display promotional messages, discounts or special offers, providing an additional way to attract and inform customers.

What do you need to know before implementing electronic price tags?

Although the benefits listed above are significant, the implementation of such a system involves initial costs including: the acquisition of electronic labels and their integration with other existing systems.

Therefore, if you think about implementing such a solution, we recommend weighing the benefits and costs of such implementation before making a decision. On the Electronic shelf labels page, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the implementation of this solution.

If you are not sure which solution would be better for your business, leave us a message at sales@it-genetics and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to find the best solution adapted to your needs. 

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