How to increase productivity in logistics with Zebra WT63 and RS51?

With an increasing focus on efficiency and productivity, the logistics industry is constantly evolving.  Zebra technologies which is a leader in innovative digital solutions, offers products that contribute significantly to this evolution.  The Zebra equipment such as the WT63 mobile terminal and the RS5100 ring scanner are the efficient and easy-to-use solution to improve productivity in logistics, especially in order picking processes.

4 benefits of using the “wereable” solution of Zebra WT63 and RS51:

  • The order picking process becomes easy, productive and efficient: workers can receive the products and prepare orders in a hands-free mode.
  • Productivity can increase by 30%: As a hands-free solution, workers will accurately process multiple orders within the same working range.
  • Adaptability: WT63 and RS5100 can be used in industries such as logistics or retail.
  • Simple integration: Devices are easily integrated into existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without noticeable changes in operations.

*According to a Zebra technologies study.

The Zebra WT63 terminal and the RS5100 ring scanner are strong, efficient, easy-to-use solutions for the order picking process, and addresses the specific speed, precision and comfort that workers need in areas such as logistics and transport, warehousing or retail.

Zebra WT63: The innovative mobile terminal

The Zebra WT63 is a mobile terminal designed for the logistics industry.  It is built on the Android 10 operating system, ensuring the compatibility and the upgrading in technology.  The device can be adapted to various operator preferences and work scenarios due to equipping with a touch screen and an optional keyboard.

  • The Zebra WT63 can withstand industrial environments, including falls from a distance of 1.20m.
  • It has an ergonomic design, developed for all-day comfort.
  • The adaptive display can be used even with gloves, meaning that it automatically adjusts the touch sensitivity.
  • The Li-ion Battery 3350mAh provides up to 12 hours of operation.
  • The versatile connectivity of the device has multiple communication ports which allow you to connect various peripherals, including the RS5100 ring scanner

Zebra RS5100: The compact and efficient ring scanner

The Zebra RS5100 is a compact and easy-to-use bar code scanner designed for high-volume scanning environments.

Due to flexibility it can be worn in different ways: On the back of the hand, around the neck or on a finger.

The RS5100 ring presents a level of comfort on the strength of its design, multiple use options and its durability in challenging environments.

  • Flexible ways for use: It can be set up in various ways, adapting to different styles and working preferences.
  • Another important feature is its strong built to withstand harsh working conditions, including falls and exposure to dust and water.
  • Having an accelerometer and an integrated proximity sensor the scanning is automatic and efficient.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Easy pairing with devices like WT63 for mobility, comfort and productivity.

Curious how such a Zebra solution works in a warehouse?

We tested the Zebra RS6100 + TC52.

See the conclusion in the video below:

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